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My Why

I love finding and building better ideas and solutions, and I love seeing them get adopted. Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing people use something new and interesting, especially when I helped or created it! I got that bug as a teenager when I wrote my own BBS and loved watching people interact with it at all times of the day and night.

What I Do

📈 Entrepreneurship

I get most excited when launching new products and businesses. I co-founded Strategic Data Corp, which played a key role in creating the > $100B programmatic advertising ecosystem. See below for more about my current focus, CraftedPour.com

💻 Early Stage Business Consulting & Mentoring

I value working with founders on their startup formation, product strategy, funding strategy, go-to-market, and hiring. I have also mentored startups at AdAstra, Evonexus, Greatscale Ventures and UCSD.

👼💵 Angel Funding

I run an Angellist syndicate and partner with Interlock Capital other angels. If you are seeking funding for your startup, please read Jason's Angel Investing Intro / FAQs.

Jason's angel investing intro / FAQs

🧭 Online Product Management, Development & Marketing

I have led product and customer success organizations at enterprises and startups. My partners and I help various size companies with product ideation & design, app & web development, go-to-market plans, and product management approach.

Crafted Pour

I am currently incubating CraftredPour.com:

By giving mixologist creators, enthusiasts, and craft distillers interactive tools to curate their online presence & get discovered, our goal is to make Crafted Pour the most popular spirits platform & community, hosting the largest collection of original and classic cocktail recipes, craft spirits content, and shopping.

For more information, please reach out!


Publications & Media

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur and Twitter celebrity Sahil Lavingia about his new book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur:


Write-ups and patents about the origins of programmatic ad tech:

Real-Time Bidding & related patents

My slide presentation from a few years ago about the San Diego tech startup ecosystem including incubators and funding options:


Articles on Medium:

The TikTok / Trump / Oracle / Walmart deal misses the real threat to America

Your brain is working against you


Jason's Bio

<aside> 💡 Jason Knapp has led several successful B2C web, consumer data, machine learning, and B2B software platform product teams and efforts. He is currently CEO at CraftedPour.com, a multisided creator platform connecting bar professionals, bar customers, home cocktail-making enthusiasts, and spirits brands. He also partners with other experts to provide marketing and product consulting and app development services.

Jason co-founded Strategic Data Corp, which created one of the first sophisticated machine learning-based online advertising targeting platforms and was acquired by News Corp, where Jason and the team built one of the world’s largest advertising systems. There, Jason co-invented Real-Time-Bidding (US Patent # 9886718), a foundational trading protocol for more than $50 billion in annual spending across the digital advertising industry. The company and technology are now a part of Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI).

Jason has implemented major strategic technology initiatives at HP, Intel, Citibank, Bank of America, and Comcast. He has held product innovation, technology, and design leadership roles at Viasat, where he introduced new digital monetization offerings across commercial air, emerging market community, and residential markets; at Myspace, where he led product for the site's relaunch with Justin Timberlake; and at Viant, where he oversaw the creation of the Viant Ad Cloud and assisted with the company’s acquisition by Time Inc.

Jason is passionate about supporting San Diego startup companies; he is involved in several innovative startups, volunteers as a mentor with the EvoNexus and Ad Astra incubators, is a limited partner in Interlock Capital, and leads an Angellist syndicate. (See his investment criteria.) He is also active in the community, serving on multiple charity boards, including Casas de Luz, which builds homes for the working poor in Tijuana, and the Academic Foundation for Cultural Exchange. He lives the good life near San Diego with his wife, a cognitive psychology professor at the University of San Diego.


Companies I Have Worked With